POLO HELIX ("D8-1,5")

Schneckenmantel POLO HELIX (D8 - 1,5)

POLO HELIX ("D8-1,5")

Grain size: max 4 mm
Conveying capacity at 400 RPM *: 35 l/min
Operating pressure max.: 20 bar


Diameter: 89 mm
Length: 270 mm
Anti-twist protection: 1


Insulation plaster, scratched plaster, renovation plaster, concealing plaster, anhydrite flowing screed

Rotor/screw conveyor

Förderschnecke POLO HELIX (D8 - 1,5)


Material: Premium casting, hardened
Design: with spigot upon request

GANZ VERFAHRENSTECHNIK - Stators and rotors for plastering machine ("D8-1.5")

* The manufacturer’s guidelines must be taken into account. Our specifications are reference values and depend on: The conveyor hose diameter and conveyor height, pump condition and design, material consistency, material composition and material quality.